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Welcome to VAGUS Inprosys

VAGUS IPS is an independent open-access scientific publisher with the aim of rendering the information on Science and Technology through the "Open Access" method by collecting the large amount of research data that is available worldwide and providing them in a single window such that it will be beneficial to the society.

VAGUS IPS is the gateway between scientific research platform and the world of the common man. It is a pool of well committed individuals possessing a traditional vision in publishing original research, analysis and reviews, news, case reports and intriguing editorials who through their work try to ensure that the benefits of these researches reach the common man.

We aspire to reach a wide and diverse audience for the research material published in our journals with careful consideration of ethics.


Our open access peer reviewed journals operates a fully open access publishing models in several areas of “Engineering“ to develop new technological solutions.


Vagus IPS is an open access online peer reviewed journal that publish original research across all aspects of biology. It aims for rapid publication of scientifically sound observation and to reduce reviewer fatigue in the community.

Life Sciences

Vagus IPS is a open access peer reviewed journals provides easily accessible journals that involves the scientific study of branches of life science and inter disciplinary fields.“ Life sciences” are helpful in improving the quality and standards of life.


The field of our medical journals encompasses a variety of health practices evolved to maintain and restore health. We provide a platform to minimize the research by unique expertise views and guide future generation.

Why Choose Us

VAGUS IPS is a self-reliant organization which plays an upright role of ‘open-access’ scientific publisher. Our organization is taking steps forward with the aim to build a global community that aims to bring a change towards modern scholarly communications along with renovated knowledge creation, transfer and sharing of information in the simplistic ‘open access’ way.

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  • To stand as unique in the world of scientific research by providing exalted quality of information which is related to Science, Technology & Medicine to readers/researchers.
  • Providing freely accessible universal Platform through internet to researchers for cerebral advancement or up gradation of their innovations in this field of research. 

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  • To become a key player amongst the Internet Medical and Scientific research publishing forums.
  • To become a Strategic Contributor in providing latest information on Medical and Scientific research.

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