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Welcome to VAGUS Inprosys


VAGUS IPS is an independent open-access scientific publisher with the aim of rendering the information on Science and Technology through the "Open Access" method by collecting the large amount of research data that is available worldwide and providing them in a single window such that it will be beneficial to the society.

VAGUS IPS is the gateway between scientific research platform and the world of the common man. It is a pool of well committed individuals possessing a traditional vision in publishing original research, analysis and reviews, news, case reports and intriguing editorials who through their work try to ensure that the benefits of these researches reach the common man.

We aspire to reach a wide and diverse audience for the research material published in our journals with careful consideration of ethics.

Open Access Journals

Mission & Vision

We are the team of young, enthusiastic personals working together to make a pitch for delivering refined research information for the benefit of society. It is always a pleasure for us to accept suggestions and critiques as stone bricks to build a strong fort of wisdom. All complaints are acknowledged immediately and we always make sure that our team gives them quick consideration. Read More [ + ]