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About Company

VAGUS IPS is a new visible object (Forum) on the World Wide Web with a vision of providing scientific research work by capturing the work of all the scholars and academicians for the benefit of all in the society. Our organization’s aim is to build a global community that will use the ‘Open Access’ way and try to bring a change through modern scholarly communications by renovated knowledge creation, transfer and sharing.

VAGUS IPS is a self-reliant organization which plays the upright role of ‘open-access scientific publisher’. It grandstands peer reviewed innovative scientific research information and ideas with the help of inimitable researchers and scientists by providing them a pleasant platform for healthy global society. It promulgates authentic research articles, reviews, practice updates, news, new innovations and well cultured editorials.


Our main motto is to uphold high quality in each and every step present in the processing of information whereby all the stakeholders - researchers, academicians and the common man in the society are benefitted.


Quality is a crucial parameter which differentiates an organization from its competitors. Quality is never an accident. It is incessant and always the result of well-informed effort. Quality of a product from an organization is in direct proportion to the commitment to excellence of every individual which he/she belongs to the organization, regardless of their position of endeavor.

Peer review process

A group of well qualified professionals focusing on the process of maintaining international standards towards the quality of the scientific information provided by the respective scholars and academicians will be in charge of the Peer Review process. We will be forwarding manuscripts to a dedicated person in the editorial board who is an expert in the subject. Our expert will be using our quality management process called IPS (Information Processing System) in this process.

IPS (Information Processing System)

IPS is an organizational protocol, which constitutes those different stages in the peer review process. This process interprets and analyzes every manuscript in all respects including grammar, text formatting, plagiarism checking and more.

Peer review process

Plagiarism - Checking

Plagiarism should be treated like a corruption in the perspective of academia and ethical journalism. To have a check on plagiarism, VAGUS IPS strictly follows the Open Access Publishing guidelines for all manuscripts under the Creative Common Attribution License.

For providing this service, a nominal charge will be levied that will help us in our processing costs. To control plagiarism, we always expect our authors to check their work prior to their submission for publication and allow us to publish their work using the CCA. We know that it is a really painstaking task for every author to create research material and we feel it is our duty to give total control over the author’s own content in all the ways of this service.

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