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NameMelinda Madlena
DepartmentOrthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry
Country Hungary

Biography :

I am an experienced dentist exspecially trained in pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and preventive dentistry. I have extensive knowledge related to epidemiological studies on oral health, caries prevention and the interdisciplinary team work in groups of all ages. I am an actively publishing author with more than 130 written scientific publications (mostly as the first or the last author), both in Hungarian, English or German languages and more than 640 independent citations (mainly from foreign countries). Currently. I have excellent communication and teaching skills. I’m the member of Editorial Board in 18 international scientific journals

Research Interests:

Scientific interests:-

  • Epidemiological examination of the oral health status in different adult and child populations
  • Oral aspects of different systemic diseases (e.g. Turner sy., Sjögren’s sy., Systemic sclerosis)
  • Possibilities of caries prevention in different risk populations (e.g. adolescents, patients with fixed appliances)
  • The tooth erosion and dentin caries with special interest of the possibilities of remineralization


List of Publications:

  • 27 Old Gloucester street,
    London United kindom,WCIN3AX.
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