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NameDharam Hinduja
DepartmentDentistry and Endodontics

Biography :

During my postgraduate training in the Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, I gained experience in all aspects of Conservative Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry and Endodontics including basic procedures and advanced training in all the modalities.
I have been also involved in the diagnosis, investigations and management of a wide range of Clinical situations and am proficient in Cosmetic procedures like veneering and bleaching as well as advanced endodontics like rotary endodontics, use of rubber dam, thermoplastic gutta-percha, apex locators, single sitting endodontics etc.  
I also believe in continually updating and upgrading myself and being abreast of the latest developments and technology so as to provide more holistic care
I am highly academically inclined and believe in constantly updating myself as well as contributing to my profession. Hence, I diligently tutor in a dental college.
Also, being the consultant endodontist for ASTER CMI HOSPITAL and earlier COLUMBIA ASIA HOSPITAL, multispeciality multinational hospitals with the highest standards and ACCESS DENTAL CARE, I cater to the elite as well as a culturally diverse hue of patients both Indian and Foreign.  High quality as well as ethical endodontics, esthetic and cosmetic work and consummate restorative work are my forte. I especially believe in the use of Rubber Dam isolation for my diverse procedures to achieve the highest standards in treatment along with other latest modalities like RVG, apex locator, rotary enodontics, microscopes, lasers, all ceramics, glass fiber post, veneers  etc. I have also been associated with Wockhardt hospital, Bannerghata Road as endodontist as well as am associated with Annaya ENT and Dental hospital and Confident Dental Hospital as consultant endodontist and esthetic and restorative dentist.

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