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NameSami R. Al-Zubaydi
DepartmentPlant Physiology

Biography :

I worked at the Environmental Research Laboratory (ERL) / Univ. of ARIZONA / U.S.A. as a research assistant during the years of 1983-1985. I learned a lot of techniques at the area of plant physiology and vegetable production along with the environmental aspects. I joined the University of Basra, Biology Department as staff member since 1985, then; I moved my service to the University of Duhok since 2006 till now. I worked at different practical fields of studies with the salt stress problems facing the agriculture production at the southern area of Iraq. I also joined a research team in fungi problems associated with the plants beside some work in green algae related to plant physiology. I have also developed several techniques in plant tissue culture related to the effects of salt concentration on tissue culture production of date palms. Recently, I have an interest working with the plant extracts. In this regard, I prepare these extracts to search at the area of the effect of these extracts on bacterial activity as well as evaluation of phytochemical analysis, hypoglycemic, antioxidant activities of these plants produced by tissue culture techniques or in natural conditions. I worked as referee for more than 250 scientific articles published in Iraqi and worldwide journals. I have been a head or a member of examination committee for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students as well as a committee head to detect the promotion of many faculty members and as an evaluator for the promotion of many faculty members for different scientific ranks. Also, I was the scientific evaluator for M.Sc. thesis and Ph.D. Dissertations. I participated in many international workshops and conferences which were organized by Scientific Research Organizations and presented more than 50 seminars and scientific papers in different topics. Currently, as part of the collaboration of split-site program, Prof. Dr. Muralee Senior Associate to the Dean of CANR/ Michigan State University and I jointly supervise a Ph.D. student at the College of Agriculture, Horticulture Department – University of Duhok.


List of Publications:

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