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NameWael M. Al-Omari

Biography :

Teaching Experience:

1992-1994 Senior House Officer: Assist in teaching the operative and prosthetic laboratories and assist in supervising the dental students in the clinics.

1999- Assistant Professor in the department of restorative dentistry, Jordan university of Science and Technology: I am involved in teaching the operative dental surgery, prosthodontics, conservative dentistry, occlusion, esthetic dentistry and implantology. 

2006-2012 Associate Professor/Department of prsothodontics

2012-current Professor/ Department of prsothodontics


• Jordanian Goverement Scholarship award sponsoring the BDS course.
• Jordan University of Science and Technology Scholasip award sponsoring MDentSc and PhD courses.
• Australian Endeavour Research Award-Melbourne University- 2008



BDS                                              1987-1992 Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan.

M.Den.Sc.                                     1994-1996 Leeds University, UK, Advanced Restorative 

                                                    Dentistry (Prosthodontics).

Ph.D.                                            1996-1999 Queen’s University of Belfast, UK 

MPhil.                                            2013-2015 University of Sydney, Australia (Dental Education)

Major Specialty                              1- Advanced Restorative Dentistry/Prosthodontics 

                                                       2- Dental Education 


Research Interests:

Aesthetic  dentistry, implantology, occlusion, biomaterials, and dental education.

List of Publications:

 1- Wael Al-Omari, John Glyn Jones, and Peter Hart. A microbiological investigation following the disinfection of alginate and addition cured silicone rubber impression materials. Eur. J. Prosthodont. Rest. Dent. 1998; 6:97-101. 

2- Wael Al-Omari, John Glyn Jones and David Wood. The effect of disinfecting alginate and addition cured silicone rubber impression materials on the physical properties of impressions and resultant casts. Eur. J. Prosthodont. Rest. Dent. 1998; 6:103-109.

 3- Wael Al-Omari. The dilemma of dental amalgam- A brief overview. Dental News; 1998, 5:9-11.

 4- Al-Omari WM, Mitchell CA, Cunningham JL. Surface roughness and wettability of enamel and dentine surfaces prepared with different dental burs. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation. 2001, 28:645-650.

 5- Al-Wahadni AM, Al-Omari WM. Immediate resin-bonded bridgework: results of a medium term clinical follow-up study.   Journal of Oral Rehabilitation. 2004; 31:90-94

 6- Al-Omari WM, Al-Wahadni AM. Convergence angle, occlusal reduction and finish line depth of full crown preparations made by dental students.  Quintessence International. 2004; 35:287-293

 7- Al-Omari WM. Survey of attitudes, materials and methods employed in endodontic treatment by general dental practitioners in North Jordan. BMC Oral Health. 2004; 4:1-6

 8- Al-Omari WM. The perceived sources of stress within a dental educational environment. Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice 2005, 15;6(4):64-74.

 9- Al-Omari WM, Al-Omari Q, Omar R. Effect of cavity disinfection on postoperative sensitivity associated with amalgam restoration. Operative Dentistry 2006; 31:165-170.

 10- Al-Bakri IA , Hussey D, Al-Omari WM. The dimensional stability of four impression techniques with the use of addition silicone impression materials. Journal of Clinical Dentistry 2007; 18:29-33.

 11- Wael M. Al-Omari, Ahed M. Al-Wahadni. Parallelism of abutment teeth on 

       fixed partial dentures. General Dentistry; 2009 57 (4):444-447.

 12- Al-Omari QD, Al-Omari WM, Omar R. Factors Associated with Postoperative Sensitivity of Amalgam Restorations. Journal of Irish Dental Association 2009; 55 (2): 87 – 91.

 13-Al-Omari WM, Zagibeh A. The Retention of cast metal dowels fabricated by direct and indirect techniques. Journal of Prosthodontics 2010 Jan;19(1):58-63.

 14- Al-Omari WM, Al-Omiri MK. Dental anxiety among university students and its correlation its their field of study. Journal of Applied Oral Science 2009 May-Jun;17(3):199-203.

 15- Al-Omari W, Shadid R, AbuNabaa L, Elmasoud B. Porcelain Fracture Resistance of Screw-Retained, Cement-Retained, and Screw-Cement-Retained Implant-Supported Metal Ceramic Posterior Crowns. Journal of Prosthodontics 2010 Jun;19 (4):263-73.

16- Huda M. Hammad,, Mohammed A. Hamadah, Wael M. Al-Omari. Histological evaluation of rat connective tissue  response to GMTA, Retroplast and Geristore retrograde filling materials. Australian  Endodontic Journal 2011 37 (1): 18-25.

17- Shadid RM, Abu-Naba'a L, Al-Omari WM, Asfar KR, El Masoud BM.  Effect of an occlusal screw-access hole on the fracture resistance of permanently cemented implant crowns: A Laboratory Study.  International Journal of Prosthodontics  2011 May-Jun;24(3):267-9.

18- Wael M Al-Omari, Maisoun S Abu-Zaghlan, Huda M Hammad. Reaction of rat connective tissue to mineral  trioxide aggregate and diaket. BMC Oral Health 2011; 11:17-22.

19- Wael M. Al-Omari, Joseph E. Palamara. The Effect of Nd:YAG and Er,Cr:YSGG Lasers on the microhardness of Human Dentin. Lasers in Medical Science, 2013 Jan;28(1):151-6.

20- Al-Omari W, Palamara J. Effect of Er.Cr:YSGG laser on human dentin fluid flow. Lasers in Medical Sciences. 2013 Nov;28(6):1445-1451. Epub 2012 Oct 17.

21- Al-Omari WM, Al-Hashedi AA, Marashdeh M, Al-Hrazi GA. Prevalence of Temporomandibular Disorders’ Signs and Symptoms and Chewing Ability in Patients with Prosthodontic Prostheses. European Journal of Prosthodntics and Restorative Dentistry. 2012 Sep;20(3):111-20.

22- Al-Omari WM, Palamara JE, Almohammed SN.  The Effect of Laser Irradiation on Retention of Full Cast Crowns. European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry 2013 Mar;21(1):34-9. 

23- Rola. M Shadid, Nassrin Sadaqa, Layla Abu-Naba’a, Wael M Al-Omari. Comparison between the butt-joint and morse taper implant-abutment connection: A literature review. The Journal of Implant & Advanced Clinical Dentistry 2013; 5(10):33-40.

 24- Rola M. Shadid, Nasrin R. Sadaqah, Layla Abu-Naba’a, Wael M. Al-Omari. Porcelain fracture of metal-ceramic tooth-supported and implant-supported restorations: A review. Open Journal of Stomatology, 2013, 3, 411-418.

 25- Al bakri I, Harty D, Al-omari W, Swain M, Chrzanowski W, Ellakwa A. Surface characteristics and microbial adherence ability of modified PMMA by fluoridated glass fillers. Aust Dent J. 2014 Dec;59(4):482-9. 

 26- Al-bakri I, Swain M, Naumi S, Al-Omari W, Martin L, Ellakwa A. Fluoride release, recharge and flexural properties of polymethylmethacrylate containing fluoridated glass fillers. Aust Dent J. 2014 Jun;59(2):208-14. 

 27- B. K. Al-Zarea, M. G. Sghaireen,, W. M. Alomari,, H. Bheran and I. Taher. Black Triangles Causes and Management: A Review of Literature. British Journal of Applied Science & Technology, 2015; 6(1): 1-7.

 28- Al-Omari WM, El-Swiah JM. Cross-infection control in general practitioners of North Jordan. International Journal of Advanced Dental and Medical Sciences, 2015; 1(1): 1-6. 

 29- Awawdeh L, Hemaidat K, Al-Omari W. Higher maximal occlusal bite force in endodontically treated teeth versus vital contralateral counterparts. Journal of Endodontics, 2017 (In press) 

Published Books

1- Authors: Rola Shadid, Layal Abu-Naba'a, Wael Al-Omari

    Title: Fracture resistance of implant metal-ceramic single restorations.

              Fracture of Implant Restorations

    Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN 978-3-8443-8780-3. 2011.

 2- Authors: Ashwaq Al- Hashedi, Wael Al-omari

    Title: Temporomandibular Disorders and Prosthetic Replacement of Missing Teeth: A    

              Literature Review and Clinical Investigation

    Publisher: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (October 10, 2011). ISBN-13: 9783846518298.

 Published Abstracts:

1- W.M. Al-Oman, C. A. Mitchell, L. Cunningham Surface roughness of enamel and dentine surfaces prepared with different dental burs. J. Dent. Res. 1998; 77:8 10 (Abstr. 1427).

2- Al-Omari WM, Cunningham LJ. Mitchell CA. Wettability and bonding-strength of Indirect inlays to enamel and Dentine. J. Dent. Res. 1999; 78: 348 (Abst. 3537)

3- W.M. Al-Omari, C.A. Mitchell, W.H. Douglas, M.R. Pintado. Microleakage of composite inlays subjected to thermal and mechanical loading. J Dent. Res. 2000; 79: 420 (Abst. 2209)

4- Mitchel CA, Al-Omari WM, Pintado MR, Douglas WH. Effect of Compressive Loading on Wear of Composite Inlays. Abstract in AADR 2001

5- W. M. Al-Omari and C. A. Mitchell. Wear resistance of composite resin inlays and human enamel in an artificial mouth. J. Irish Med. Assoc. 1999 (Abstract)

6-- W.M. Al-Omari, C.A. Mitchell, W.H. Douglas, M.R. Pintado. Microleakage of composite inlays subjected to thermal and mechanical loading. J Dent. Res. 2000; 79: 420 (Abst. 2209).

7- Al-Omari WM, Mitchell CA, Douglas WH, Kunzelmann KH. Comparison between contact profilometere and 3D-laser scanner for measuring wear. Pan European Festival of Oral Science, 2002, Abstract 411. 

8- L.A. ABU-NABA'A, M. SHADID, W.M. AL-OMARI, B.M. EL-MASOUD, and K.R. ASFAR. Fracture Resistance of Ceramo-metal Restorations, Variously Retained to implants. J Dent Res, 2008 (abstract).

9- Wael M. Al Omari, Joseph E. Palamara, Isra A. Albakri. Effect of Nd:YAG Laser on Human Dentin Fluid Flow. International Dental Journal 2013; 63 (Suppl. 1): 50.

Articles submitted for publications or under preparation

1- The effect of ND-YAG on dentine fluid flow and intrapuplal temperature W. Al-Omari, Palamara J. 

2- Shadid R, AbuNabaa L, Al-Omari W. Comparison Between the Butt-Joint and Morse Taper Implant-Abutment Connection: A Literature Review. (submitted).

3- Shadis R, Al-Omari W. Porcelain fracture of metal-ceramic tooth-supported and implant-supported restorations: A review (submitted)

4- Sadaqa N, Shadid R, Al-Omari W. An overview on implant abutment types (submitted)

5- Mansour Y, Mohaiza M, Al-Omari W. Effect of light-cure source and mode on fracture resistance of porcelain laminate veneers (submitted). 



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