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Editor Guidelines

The Editor/Editor-in-chief plays a crucial role in maintaining the standards of journals. Also the Editor is our primary member to lead the candid peer-review process.

We believe that the editorial board is everything for a publishing organization in the aspect that it plays an extensive role in maintaining and giving high quality information to the world. At the same time, it is a responsibility for all of us to respect and follow the guidelines. VAGUS IPS has its own staff - a group of well qualified individuals with a commitment towards providing best service to all. Being part of VAGUS IPS, each editor holds certain responsibilities to carry out their work in an organized way. These responsibilities include

  • Maintain friendly contacts with the co-editors and contribute to the betterment of the journal by sharing new ideas and changes
  • It is the responsibility of each editor to assign a reviewer for a new manuscript that has been submitted for publishing. The reviewer can be the colleague or a professional in the same field. If the concerned editor is unavailable due to his prior commitments he should inform us within three days, so that the same can be passed on to the other editor who is an expert in the same field.
  • It is the editor’s responsibility to follow up and check whether the peer review process is completed as per the given schedule and guidelines.
  • Editors must ensure that the quality of the reviewed articles is as per specified standards and can pass on the comments if necessary as a feedback to the authors through VAGUS.
  • Another important responsibility is the Contribution of the editorials and maintenance of the confidentiality of the information provided by the authors in certain case studies.
  • Right to reject the article if it's quality is not up to the specified standards.
Benefits for Editors
  • VAGUS will publish the first editorial and the first manuscript contributed by the editors at free of cost.
  • VAGUS will recognize you as its honorable editor in any of the events it organizes.
  • VAGUS will be proud to award a certificate of recognition to the editors for their dedication and commitment shown throughout the lifecycle of a Journal, right for its inception, development and publishing.
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