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How can I submit an article for publication?

Vagus IPS journals has its own requirements and specific instructions on how to submit articles for publication. By following this LINK you can submit your article for publication.

What is the preferred format for submission of an article, including figures and supplementary material to my article?
VAGUS has set of instructions to be followed for submission of articles. For details pleasefollow the instructions

When will I receive first proof if I submit an article to one of your journals?
The article once submitted to the editorial office undergoes a peer reviewing process before it gets accepted. It takes about 10 working days for the reviewing process after which you will get a notification about its status, either it may be accepted / accept with minor changes /accept with major changes / reject. If accepted for publication, then we notify the status of article to you. For further enquiry, feel free to contact the editor of the journal. If the article is accepted for publishing then to have a First View (online ahead of print publication) it takes about 2 to 3 weeks from the day of acceptance. Before that you will receive a proof of your article to check.

My article has been accepted but I haven’t received a proof to check.
If the article is accepted for publishing, you will receive a proof of your article to check. If you haven’t received it, please check your spam filter and then contact VAGUS.

I have just received my proof, what should I do?
It is the author’s responsibility to verify your proof carefully and certify that your article is error free. If any corrections are required it should be confined to typographical errors only.

How do I mark my corrections?
If you have any queries about your proof, please contact our QA team. It is suggestedto mark the corrections electronically by annotating the pdf or can be markedin a hard copy, scan and email it to QA team.

When can I provide my proof corrections?
It is important that you attend to your proof as soon as possible so that the publication is not delayed.Please go through the correction instructions sent to you along with your proof. We request that your corrections be returned within 2 working days.However, if you are away for any reason, you can nominate a co-author to check the prooffor you or if this is not viable option, please email the QA team and let us know when the proof can be verified and sent back to us for publication.

What do I need to do if I have no corrections?
If you have verified your proof carefully and if your article is error free for publication, we request you to email the same to our QA team to confirm that the proof is error free and can publishedas it is.