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Anesthesia-Intensive care and Pain Therapy (AICPT)

About Journal

Anesthesia is a branch of medical specialty concerned with the study of anesthesia or anesthetics. It is an integral and important part of any major surgical procedure. It is an upcoming multi modality specialty in medical science with its spectrum ranging from perioperative patient care to pain management, critical care and palliative care. Anesthesiology deals with the advent and clinical implementation of methods, chemicals and tools that may help in inducing temporary loss of sensation in whole or a particular region of the body.
Anesthesia research refers to the study of natural and scientific anesthetics, hypnotics, neuron-muscular blockers, narcotics, sedatives, as well as the temporary and long lasting impacts of analgesics on the physiological and neuron logical pathways. Anesthesiologists evaluate, monitor and supervise patient care before, during and after surgery, delivering anesthesia and ensuring optimal patient safety. Anesthesia is unique, in that it is not a direct means of treatment, rather it allows others to do things that may treat, diagnose or cure and ailment which would otherwise be painful or complicated.
Anesthesia-Intensive care and pain therapy is an open access peer reviewed journal that is concerned with the publishing of high quality articles and case reports in the areas pertained to local and general anesthesia, in the mean of conditions of the patient. Our journal welcomes manuscripts related to all visible aspects of local anesthesia, general anesthesia, renal anesthesia, regional anesthesia, critical care anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia etc., Our journal considers new and significant clinical observations, innovative treatment methods for publication as articles containing original research, short communication, case reports, etc., The aim of our journal is to offer latest clinical information on anesthesiology by providing a platform for clinical researchers, scientists, clinicians and other health professionals all over the world to promote share and discuss various new issues.

Our journal covers the following subjects:-Local anesthesia

  • General anesthesia
  • Renal anesthesia
  • Regional anesthesia
  • Genetic mechanism of inhaled anesthetics
  • Critical care anesthesia
  • Neuro anesthesia
  • Vascular anesthesia
  • Pediatric anesthesia
  • Obstetrical anesthesia
  • Cardiothoracic anesthesia
  • Acute pain management
  • Transplant anesthesia
  • Preoperative Care and Evaluation
  • Intravenous Anesthetics and Adjunct Drugs
  • Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics
  • Anesthetic Techniques
  • Managing the Transition from Anesthesia
  • Anesthesia for Renal and Urinary Tract Diseases
  • Anesthesia for General Surgical Procedures
  • Anesthesia ventilators
  • Post-Anesthesia Care Unit
  • Techniques in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management
  • Analgesics
  • Muscle Relaxants
  • Postoperative Pain Management
  • Inhalational anesthesia
  • Reconstructive & Anesthetic Surgery
  • Sedatives
  • Anesthetic Pharmacology
  • Trauma
  • Geriatric Anesthesia
  • Spinal Anesthesia 





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