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Journal of HIV/AIDS Research and Therapy (JHART)

About Journal

HIV/AIDS is a disease condition caused by virus and the infection interferes more with the immune system. HIV/AIDS has great impact on society both as source of discrimination and illness. So the research gained more importance and it includes drug development, HIV vaccines and antiretroviral drugs. It also includes attempts to prevent and cure HIV.
Journal of HIV/AIDS Research and Therapy is an open access peer reviewed journal which covers all the topics of HIV/AIDS study that includes virology, clinical trials, molecular genetics etc.., it also focuses on physical and mental health of the individuals. Our journal accepts manuscripts in the mode of research articles, reviews, case reports, short communications and editorials and provides platform to exchange information regarding the disease and therapy.

Our journal covers the following subjects:-

  • AIDS/HIV Awareness
  • AIDS Dementia Complex
  • Alternative medicine
  • Antiviral Therapy
  • Care and Treatment of HIV/AIDS
  • CDC Classification System for HIV Infection
  • Circumcision and HIV
  • Clinicopathologicalmanifestations
  • Co-infections
  • Complications of HIV infection
  • Patient education and health 
  • Diagnosis and evaluation of HIV Infection
  • Diffuse Infiltrative Lymphocytosis Syndrome
  • Drug research
  • Early detection and monitoring
  • Epidemiology of HIV spread and resistance
  • Gay Bowel Syndrome
  • HIV infection and pregnancy
  • HIV super infection
  • HIV/AIDS Research
  • Identification of viral targets
  • AIDS associated disorders
  • Management of HIV/AIDS         
  • Pathogenicity of HIV/AIDS
  • Patient adherence and quality of life
  • Patient-physician relationship
  • Pediatric HIV and AIDS
  • Pharmacology of HIV Therapy
  • Post-exposure and pre-exposure prophylaxis
  • Present and future therapeutic options
  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Prophylaxis and treatment of opportunistic infections
  • Sex Education
  • Specialists case reports
  • Treatment of HIV infection
  • Tuberculosis co-infection
  • Vaccine research
  • Virology and Immunology of HIV/AIDS
  • WHO Disease Staging System
  • Latest Research on HIV and AIDS
  • HIV associative Cancer

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