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Natural resources - Sustainable development

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Natural resources - Sustainable development


About the journal:

The wellbeing of an individual and a country relies on its natural environment. The natural resources are not only promising factors for economic and social development but contributes for healthy planet. The way in which these resources are exploited creates long lasting irreversible deterioration. Therefore a step forward role on sustainability keeps us within our environmental limits.

Natural resources - sustainable development is an open access peer reviewed journal that is concerned with the publishing of high quality articles in the areas pertained to the findings for practice of reserving resources for future generation without any harm to the natural environment and other components of it. 

The journal encourages the authors to submit their original work on broad spectrum of aspects that includes

  • Natural resources
  • Resource management
  • Eco development
  • Environmental protection
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Soil science
  • Methods of conservation


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