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Open Access

Open access

Open access (OA) provides unrestricted access to the peer – reviewed information to everyone in the world through the internet. That information can be reused by anyone in the areas of academia and research platform. Open access is like a new gateway to come out from the restrictions on accessing of peer – reviewed quality information, where the source of information has its restriction in access.

Presently, most of the research work and knowledge in the world is locked and present in the form of subscription journals and databases in the universities and libraries. They can be accessed only by paying money and the subscription fees always keeps rising.

Open access is a way of giving the freedom to access this knowledge and information free of cost and can be accessed by each and every one resulting in global good. Here in open access journals, subject specific knowledge and institutional repositories and research information are posted online with unrestricted access to anyone.

Advantages of open access

VAGUS IPS is an open access publication Forum that thrives to ensure high quality of research information for everyone.

Open Access
Authors – What they get
  • Increased perceptibility and viewership of research articles.
  • Amplified impact of an article or author’s work where it can be a supporting reference document to ease the work of a beneficiary.
  • It is a great privilege for every author in giving motivation through your work to the new group who could have never written a paper.
  • Here every author will have a great community that relates to their area of research where he or she will get a feedback of their work and ensures the copyright.
End users – What they get
  • Have an access to peer reviewed articles written by leading scientists at free of cost.
  • User can copy, reprint, and share the highest quality peer reviewed work to enhance their progress in science.
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