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Publication Ethics

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Publication Ethics

VAGUS INPROSYS is an open access publication, that contains research work performed by experts in their respective fields. As an open access publication, it is our responsibility to maintain ethics to ensure high quality research papers. Our publication focuses on scholarly community, to maintain high ethical standards of publications. The publisher strives to work closely at all times with journal editors, authors and peer reviewer to maintain high quality research papers.

The publishing ethics of VAGUS INPROSYS for all groups in publishing processes are as follows.

  • The author is responsible for the content he publishes in an open access journal.
  • It is a responsibility of the author, to submit original manuscript.
  • The research work should be free from any kind of plagiarism.
  • If the author is receiving the financial aid from any organization, they are required to reveal the sources of their funding.
  • Any potential conflict of interest must be clearly mentioned.
  • Author should mention the authorship, contributions and affiliation.
  • Author should provide ethical committee approval in case of human/animal studies.
  • The editor of the journal plays a vital role in the peer review process.
  • The editor should maintain the transparency.
  • The editor should assess manuscript, free from any sort of biased decisions based on discrimination of race, gender, geographical origin or religion of the author.
  • The editor should not disclose any information on submitted manuscript before publication.
  • Reviewers play a very important role by serving as a link between the editor and the author, to maintain high standard in the peer review process.
  • Reviewer should maintain confidentiality of the research work.
  • They are not allowed to share the name of the author for any information pertaining to work.
  • The reviewer needs to assess a manuscript impartially without any prejudice.
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