Reviewer Guidelines

Guidelines for the reviewers


The quality of the submitted articles is judged through a peer review process and this will be possible only with the great support extended by the reviewers. The reviewers are the esteemed personalities who are experts in their field. They are assigned with the manuscripts to be reviewed from our editorial board members and they will give their reviews and comments on the articles submitted for publication. It is through this peer review system that the quality of the article gets refined and results in a quality outcome of the information.

  • Reviewers can accept an article or decline it as per schedule of their own.
  • They should acknowledge once accepted the request from the editorial board.
  • Reviewer should complete the peer review process as per the timelines from 8 to 10 days and the time can be extended as per the request from respective reviewer.
  • Reviewers are not supposed to disclose the information about the author and his affiliations at any cost
  • Reviewers should be unbiased and should not show any partiality during his period of work and while reviewing the articles.
  • If the manuscripts does not meet the quality or standards of the journal and if he has difficulty in understanding the content of the manuscript, he can inform the same to the editorial office or to the concerned editor.
  • Reviewer has to provide certain guidelines for the authors for any amendments to be made in the article
  • The reviewer being the Subject Matter Expert, has to put his stamp of acceptance or rejection in the report that he submits after reviewing the manuscript and this should include the following
  • 1.Accept
    2. Accept with minor revision
    3. Accept with major revision
    4. Reject
  • It is through the reviewer’s constructive comments that the editor makes a final decision in considering the article.



  • On one editorial/research/review article, a reviewer can get a complete waiver.
  • For every 7 articles reviewed in the year, as per the guidelines within the given time limit specified, they can get a waiver for their own article that gets submitted.
  • For every 5 articles that gets successfully published through the reviewer, the reviewer  gets the benefit of publishing one article of his own at free of cost.


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