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NameNoha Elsharnouby

Biography :

Noha Elsharnouby graduated from faculty of medicine Ain Shams University 1995, she then received her MBBCH in anesthesia and intensive care and, was appointed as an associate professor and then professor of anesthesia and intensive care in the department of anesthesia and intensive care faculty of medicine Ain Shams University, she is currently the head of one of the intensive care units in Ain shams university specialized hospitals. She received her diploma in enteral and parenteral clinical nutrition from the European society of enteral and parenteral clinical nutrition in 2011. She is a member of various Egyptian societies, and training programs and was a member in the educational committee in the Egyptian medical syndicate. She is published both national and international in the field of anesthesia and intensive care and a reviewer of papers in some medical journals. She was also a board member of the high council of the Egyptian medical syndicate.  And a reviewer in the  committee for promotion of staff in the Egyptian supreme council of high education  as well as member of the ethical committee in the faculty of medicine  ain shams   university cairo  Egypt. As well as an editorial board member in international journals  

List of Publications:

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