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NameFrancisco Alberto Mannara

Biography :

Francisco A. Mannará, M.D., is a neurosurgeon from Buenos Aires and Formosa, in Argentina. He is board certified by the Argentinian Board of Neurosurgery. Dr Mannará received a degree in Medicine from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina and his neurosurgical degree from the same University. After he completed his residency in Fernández Hospital in Buenos Aires, he was chief of residents and instructor as well in the same hospital. Basic science investigations were done in CONICET, the main center in scientific investigations in Argentina by him. The topic was neural regeneration. He did a WFNS (World Federation of Neurological Surgeons) fellowship in Fujita Health University, in Aichi, Japan, where he learnt vascular neurosurgery from world masters in this discipline, such as Prof. Yoko Kato, and Prof. Hirotoshi Sano. Then he visited Prof. Rokuya Tanikawa in Hokkaido, Japan to see the mastering of High Flow Bypass. Once he finalized his fellowship he was travelling around the world to participate in several courses with Prof. Fukushima to learn cranial base approaches and then with Saleem Abdulrauf to learn bypass surgery. He did observerships in Miami, USA, in Jackson Memorial Hospital and in UCSF, in San Francisco, to study more neurovascular techniques from Prof Michael Lawton. To learn spinal surgeries techniques he did an observership travel around Italy. Actually he is staff neurosurgeon in Fernández Hospital , and he is Titular Member in the Argentinian Board of Neurological Surgeons, and international member of CNS and AANS, as well. 

Research Interests:

  • neuromicrosurgery
  • vascular neurosurgery
  • skull base neurosurgery
  • complex spinal surgery

List of Publications:

  • 27 Old Gloucester street,
    London United kindom,WCIN3AX.
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