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NameMirela Olympia Fagarasan Palmer

Biography :

I work in academia as an internationally recognized neuropharmacology and neuroimmunology  researcher. I published more than 500 scientific reports in the field of neuropsychopharmacology and signal  transduction .  I am leading a laboratory interested in understanding the fundamental neurobiological mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disorders to contribute at development of new pharmacological treatments.  We use genetic, neuroendocrine and neurochemical methods.We recognize the role of the immune system in modulating neuropsychiatric diseases and we are developing in vitro cellular models and in vivo animal models to study the neuro-immune interactions under normal and disease statesI has successfully combined research, teaching, administration and clinical care and continue to work on advancing our understanding of serious mental illness and drug development.  We used to translate research findings into medical practice for the purposes of diagnosing, preventing and treating diseases.I has published scientific reports on peptides,their receptors, signal transduction and the role of these neuropeptides in the immune systems.I hold patents for using modified peptides in the treatment of septic shock.I have skills and expertise in receptor pharmacology, immunohistochemistry, in vivo and in vitro cell culture, biochemistry, animal models, cell and molecular biology. Ihas lectured worldwide on these subjects and the others.I have 19 years of research experience with development and use of in vitro models to test compounds, such as receptor binding, receptor activation, signal transduction, receptor-receptor interactions, and induction of changes in cell cycle, proliferation and apoptosis.Furthermore I validated appropriate assays and models of diseases, screen compounds, and study mechanisms of action.

List of Publications:

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