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NameK. Baskar
DesignationPost Doctoral Fellow
DepartmentAgriculture & Horticulture

Biography :

Job Description at Bioscience Research Foundation (BRF) - GLP, Chennai.As  a Section In-charge and Study Director, I have established Ecotoxicology lab and successfully faced NGCMA’s pre-audit and main audit with entire ecotoxicology studies at Bioscience Research Foundation, Chennai and finally received OECD- GLP certificate

Studies Conducted as per OECD, EPA & WHO guidelines:-  

  • Acute oral toxicity effect of chemicals on honeybees
  • Acute contact toxicity of chemical on honeybees 
  • Acute toxicity studies in fishes
  • Acute immobilization effect of chemicals on Daphnia magna
  • Acute toxicity effect of chemicals on Earthworms
  • Growth inhibitory effect of chemicals on Alga sp.
  • Growth inhibitory effect of chemicals on Lemna gibba
  • Acute toxicity in birds 
  • Dietary toxicity in birds
  • Preparation of study plan, raw data and report.

Entomological Studies:-

  • Surface persistence study against cockroach, mosquitoes, Bedbug and housefly 
  • Repellent study against mosquitoes
  • Growth inhibitory effects of different chemicals on mosquitoes and housefly
  • Preparation of SOP’s and apply as per requirements
  • Field studies- Tomato, Chilli, Groundnut, Brinjal, bhendi & Poultry for housefly management. 
  • Entomologist at Saudi Arabia (March 2013-March 2014)   


  • Identification of pests in the given geographical region and devise suitable pest control activities. 
  • Conduct site inspection to find out potential breeding areas.
  • Pest management related to elimination of insects, termites and other pests which harmful to lawns, flower and landscaped trees.
  • Rodent and lizards control in populated areas
  • Facilitating off site solution for key pest problems in farm and home
  • Leading, mentoring and monitoring the team members to ensure efficiency in process operation an meeting individual and group target 
  • Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) is susceptible to various insects pest. Among them Red Palm weevil, White grab, mealybug, scales and mites are major pest in Saudi Arabia. 

List of Publications:

  • 27 Old Gloucester street,
    London United kindom,WCIN3AX.
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