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NameWilliam Xu, a.k.aWeidongXu
DesignationAssociate Professor

Biography :

I am an Associae anesthesiologist towards research track at the departpent of Anesthesiology, Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa. My research lab has been focosing on exploring the signal pathway of acupuncture in the treatment of Pain which is supported by our department internal fund. Before I came to USA, I had been trained in neurophysiology and acupuncture study in the top acupuncture institiution, China Academy of Chinese Medical Scicence(Beijing, China) and got involved in several national acupuncture research projects as a core member. After coming to USA, I got further training in neurologic research area in Emory University, Atlanta GA and got involved in numerous NIH studies in neurolgy. My training started with Dr. Mahlon DeLong at Emory.  From 2002 to 2010, I trained with and was mentored by Dr. Jerrold Vitek.  I was heavily involved the development of NIH projects and performed the majority of studies within Dr. Vitek’s lab during that period. I have extensive knowledge and experience in the neuroscience research of acupuncture/ deep brain stimulation and all aspects of animal care as well as experience in electrophysiology. My clinic residency training in the world class hospital Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH , also benefits me a lot in my clinic orientated thinking. My current research goal focus more on the clinic transitional study and consider more about converting  bench work to bed side to benefit our patients.

List of Publications:

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    London United kindom,WCIN3AX.
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