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NameMony fraer
Designation surgeon
DepartmentInternal Medicine and Nephrology

Biography :

I have been working as an academic nephrologist since 2005. The clinical part of my work involves all aspects of care for patients with kidney diseases (including transplant, kidney stones and dialysis) both in an inpatient (all 3 hospitals in the Iowa City area) and outpatient setting; I also continue to have a general internal medicine inpatient exposure. The teaching aspect of my job involves both formal/class as well as bedside/clinical education for trainees at different levels (students, residents of different specialties and nephrology fellows as well as peers - outreach, division and departmental lectures). From an administrative perspective I have been the medical director for dialysis at University of Iowa since 2015.


Research Interests:

Pathophysiology and management of acute kidney injury, renal pathology.


List of Publications:

  • 27 Old Gloucester street,
    London United kindom,WCIN3AX.
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