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NameShannyn Snyder
DesignationAdjunct Faculty
DepartmentGlobal and Community Health

Biography :

Shannyn Snyder received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Master of Interdisciplinary Studies in Anthropology and Global Health, both through George Mason University.  Her previous research includes the study of access to clean water and healthcare in vulnerable populations and illness and mortality due to inadequate sanitation.
Her current work focuses on socioeconomic status and basic needs, as well as environmental and social justice issues both domestic and international.  She is also researching the importance of multiracial intersectionality and environmental practices, as well as issues involving environmental racism, particularly women's access to water resources.  In this interest, Shannyn also received a post-graduate certificate in Women and Gender Studies from George Mason University, with a focus on social determinants of health among Hispanic women and policy issues concerning health equity among global women.
Shannyn Snyder developed Water Health Educator as an education forum to connect college students and public health professionals, as well as the general public, with news of community, regional, and global issues concerning water.


List of Publications:

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