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NameYuan-Hung Wang
DesignationAssociate Professor
DepartmentClinical Medicine

Biography :

Dr. Wang started his master course in 1997 and has occupied a Research Assistant at the institute of epidemiology in the National Taiwan University up to 2002. Currently, Dr. Wang is an Associate Professor at the Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine, Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan, and worked at the Department of Medical Research, Shuang Ho Hospital, Taipei Medical University as a senior research fellow.
Over the last 10 years, he has focused his scientific interests on the topics related to chronic diseases including lung cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. With his expertise in public health, molecular epidemiology, biotechnology and translational medicine, he has established a series of platforms for preclinical evaluation of diagnostics/therapeutics. In addition, Dr. Wang has published numerous SCI journal papers and reviewed for many academic journals. Especially, he worked with gastrointestinal doctors to perform a comparative study of conventional colonoscopy, magnifying chromoendoscopy, and magnifying narrow-band imaging systems in the differential diagnosis of small colonic polyps between trainee and experienced endoscopist. Recently, Dr. Wang interested in the field of cholelithiasis and related complications among patients with type II diabetes mellitus. In the further works, the innovative, translational and evidence-based medical research has ever been a pursuit in his academic research career.


List of Publications:

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